TV Addicts database:

Are you a TV addict? Want to find out what you missed in a TV show or the status of a TV show? Though was bought by CBS, it retains its neutrality and reports information about more TV shows than you ever knew were on the air (or were). It is the IMDB of TV…with character.

In order to find out what’s going on in TV, here is some of what I use the site for:

  • Find out the status of a show (renewed/returning, cancelled, etc.)
  • When were various episodes were or are broadcast.
  • When is the next season premier going to be broadcast.
  • And, of course, the required news about particular programs or the TV content, in general.

You can type a program’s name into the search bar. If you hit enter, then you need to reselect the program from the list of search results, but you can click on the entry that drops down as you type and go directly to the program’s overview page. For me, since I am usually checking the status of the latest episodes, I click on the “episodes” link on the drop-down to go directly to the list of episodes for the latest season.

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