Personal Project List

I have more personal projects in mind than I have taken the time to start. Too many Internet distractions, TV distractions, and general malaise. When my tweet (above) landed on my Facebook timeline, my friends were compelled to respond; which motivated me to, at least, write this list down (the first step to success—well steps 3 and 5 according to “How to Plan for a Successful Future“).

  • Build a quad+ copter with a video camera.
  • Build a “3D-printer”
  • Build an Arduino or Raspberry Pi project—which may be used for…
  • Design and build a multi-axis desktop NC machine (with the tools from the first two projects).
  • Build a Hackintosh.
  • Teach Lightroom classes.
  • Figure out what direction to take my photography.
  • Take typography classes (then graphics and design classes).
  • Learn to fly.
  • Join a volleyball or soccer team.
  • Finish most of the blog posts that are sitting as drafts, waiting to be finished and published.
  • Figure out what my “next big thing” will be.
  • Go somewhere interesting within the next 9-months.
  • Figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

As usual, there the usual software projects that I never get around to:

  • Get my blogs organized and cleaned up.
    • Turn my various WordPress blogs into “multi-site” blogs so that they can share content.
    • Figure out why the blog websites are so slow.
    • Cleanup the themes of my blogs.
    • Build a WordPress theme.
    • Rebuild the landing page of my photography blog.
  • Get Node.js up and running so I can do something interesting with that.
  • Build front-end web apps with Ember, jQuery, Backbone, Less, etc. web mechanisms.
  • Build a Windows Phone product.
  • Get some OSX products out there.
  • Get back to iOS programming.

…and blog about all this stuff.

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